Today is World Suicide Prevention Day

…and I want to share something.

A year ago, I attempted to take my own life. Looking back, I can’t really say the exact reason or the events that lead to it, but I can remember the immense sense of relief as I fell asleep.

I’m still here. But one of my closest friends growing up isn’t. I can’t think of the reasons, or the events that lead him to do it. I just know that I’m still confused, and that I still love him.

I don’t know if I could’ve asked him if he was OK more, and I don’t know if I’ve asked the friends that I do have that enough either.

This year’s been pretty fantastic, but even if it wasn’t I’m glad I was here to experience it. I hope by speaking out someone I know, who feels sadness, pain, confusion…who thinks maybe they can’t do it anymore, or that it’d be easier to feel nothing at all, reaches out to me, to a friend, a family member, even a pet. And I hope if that person reaches out to you, you give them that small moment and some kindness.

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