#BeautyRecap: January 16, 2018

#Research and Innovation

Iris pigmented lesions as a marker of cutaneous melanoma risk: an Australian case-control study
British Journal of Dermatology

Sebocytes contribute to skin inflammation by promoting the differentiation of T helper 17 cells
British Journal of Dermatology

Hair repigmentation with Anti–PD-1 and Anti–PD-L1 immunotherapy: A novel hypothesis
JAMA Dermatology

Is ultraviolet exposure acquired at work the most important risk factor for cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma? Results of the population ‐based case-control study FB‐18
British Journal of Dermatology

Systematic review of atopic dermatitis disease definition in studies using routinely-collected health data
British Journal of Dermatology

Clinical evaluation of a novel fractional radiofrequency device for hair growth: Fractional radiofrequency for hair growth stimulation
Dermatologic Therapy

Fatty acids and related lipid mediators in the regulation of cutaneous inflammation
Biochemical Society Transactions

Reduction of hyaluronan and increased expression of HYBID (KIAA1199) correlate with clinical symptoms in photoaged skin
British Journal of Dermatology

Lemons in the Arizona sunshine: The effects of Furocoumarins leading to phytophotodermatitis and burn-like injuries

Essential oils and their single compounds in cosmetics — A critical review

Effects of carbomer 940 hydrogel on burn wounds: an in vitro and in vivo study
Journal of Dermatological Treatment

Pretreatment with substance P alleviates irritation due to sodium lauryl sulphate exposure by maintaining E‐cadherin expression on human keratinocyte
Clinical and Experimental Dermatology

The use of minoxidil in the treatment of male and female androgenetic alopecia: a story of more than 30 years
Giornale Italiano di Dermatologia e Venereologia

A randomized study to assess the efficacy of skin rejuvenation therapy in combination with neurotoxin and full facial filler treatments
Journal of Drugs in Dermatology

Pivotal trial of the efficacy and safety of Oxymetazoline cream 1.0% for the treatment of persistent facial erythema associated with Rosacea: Findings from the first REVEAL trial
Journal of Drugs in Dermatology

Double-blind, placebo controlled evaluation of a novel skin lightening agent
Journal of Drugs in Dermatology

A multicenter, double-blinded, randomized, split-face study of the safety and efficacy of a novel hyaluronic acid gel for the correction of nasolabial folds
Journal of Drugs in Dermatology

Treatment of décolletage photoaging with fractional microneedling radiofrequency
Journal of Drugs in Dermatology

The use of an over-the-counter hand cream With sweet almond oil for the treatment of hand dermatitis
Journal of Drugs in Dermatology

Safety and efficacy of a 1550nm/1927nm dual wavelength laser for the treatment of photodamaged skin
Journal of Drugs in Dermatology

Safety and efficacy of a non-invasive 1060 nm diode laser for fat reduction of the abdomen
Journal of Drugs in Dermatology

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