#BeautyRecap: March 13th, 2018

Products and Reviews

MAC Cosmetics is expanding its loose glitter pigments

Benefit relaunches Gimme Brow+
Allure.com, TeenVogue.com

L’Oreal Unveils DOSE, its skin-care lab-in-a-box
PRNewswire.com, WWD.com

Serena Williams is launching a beauty brand too

A look at skincare line Eir

A preview of Colourpop’s Pretty Fly collection

A look at Drunk Elephant’s C-Tango Multivitamin Eye Cream

A look at the Makeup Revolution Renaissance Illuminate highlighter palettes

A review of the La Prairie’s Platinum Rare Cellular Night Elixir Serum

Cover FX launches 40 shades in its new Power Play Foundation

A look at exclusive palettes coming to Sephora in March

David Beckham launches skincare range House 99 with L’Oreal

16 of the best Japanese brand skincare products available in the US

11 Paula’s Choice products recommended by Allure

Best lipsticks for darker skin tones recommended by Teen Vogue

15 beauty apps recommended by Elle

Retail and Trends

elf Beauty’s CEO talks about the dramatic rebound in retail

Beauty products account for 2.2% of per capita spending in Iran

Skincare and Beauty

Unwrapping the mystery of ancient cosmetics

How skin care became an at-home science experiment

The ugly world of counterfeit cosmetics

Estée Lauder chief Fabrizio Freda on winning over millennials

“Please don’t call J-Beauty ‘the new K-Beauty'”

Controversy surrounding Tati Westbook’s Halo Beauty Supplement

Pat McGrath shares her beauty routine

Jacob Tobia featured in a campaign for Fluide Beauty

A dermatologist shares their in-office treatment for treating hyperpigmentation

Iman Hariri-Kia shares her experience with Accutane

How selfies can distort an image of your nose

Botox and breast augmentation are the most popular plastic surgery procedures in the US

Kendall Jenner reportedly hospitalized after a reaction to a vitamin IV drip

Daniel Kaluuya wore Fenty to the Oscars

Beauty according to Marc Jacobs

Kim Kardashian and Madonna may collaborate on a beauty product
WMagazine.com, WWD.com

Aja Naomi King, Camila Cabello, and Elle Fanning on beauty

Asia and World

AmorePacific’s Mamonde cosmetics make inroads in US

Tokyo: Cosmetics company director nabbed in ¥260 million tax probe

LG vice chairman fears protectionism in the US

Aekyung pursues IPO in a bid to expand abroad

Outreach and Sustainability

U.S. clothing, cosmetics on possible EU retaliation list

Research and Innovation

Increased topical generic prices by manufacturers: An isolated trend or worrisome future?

In vivo validation of the multicomponent powder (Vitachelox®) against the deposition of polluting ions
Clinical, Cosmetic and Investigational Dermatology

Occupational immediate contact allergy to hydrolysed wheat protein after cosmetic exposure
Contact Dermatitis

Eucalyptus species as a cause of airborne allergic contact dermatitis
Contact Dermatitis

Occupational contact allergy to sodium cocoamphopropionate in a skin protection cream
Contact Dermatitis

Contact allergy to moisturizers in Finland: the tale of the lurking tube in the medicine cupboard
Contact Dermatitis

Photoaging and skin cancer: is the inflammasome the missing link?
Mechanisms of Ageing and Development

Demodex mites modulate sebocyte immune reaction: Possible role in the pathogenesis of rosacea

Chemical stability analysis of hair cleansing conditioners under high-heat conditions experienced during hair styling processes

Effects of botulinum toxin on improving facial surgical scars: A prospective, split-scar, double-blind, randomized controlled trial
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Efficacy of a cosmetic phyto-caffeine shampoo in female androgenetic alopecia
Dermatologia e Venereologia

Microneedles as enhancer of drug absorption through the skin and applications in medicine and cosmetology
Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

3D skin models for 3R research: the potential of 3D reconstructed skin models to study skin barrier function
Experimental Dermatology

Counterfeit esthetic devices and patient safety in dermatology
Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology

Beyond the physicochemical barrier: Glycerol and xylitol markedly yet differentially alter gene expression profiles and modify signalling pathways in human epidermal keratinocytes
Experimental Dermatology

Changes in filaggrin degradation products and corneocyte surface texture by season
The British Journal of Dermatology

Photodamage attenuating potential of Nectandra hihua against UVB-induced oxidative stress in L929 fibroblasts
Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology

Blunt cannula subcision is more effective than Nokor needle subcision for acne scars treatment
Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology

Antiaging and antioxidant effects of topical autophagy activator: A randomized, placebo‐controlled, double‐blinded study
Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology

Protective properties of geniposide against UV-B-induced photooxidative stress in human dermal fibroblasts
Pharmaceutical Biology

Geniposide prevents H2O2‐induced oxidative damage in melanocytes by activating the PI3K–Akt signalling pathway
Clinical And Experimental Dermatology

Plants and natural products for the treatment of skin hyperpigmentation – a review
Planta Medica

Physiological and molecular effects of in vivo and ex vivo mild skin barrier disruption
Skin Pharmacology and Physiology

Liposome-encapsulated baicalein suppressed lipogenesis and extracellular matrix formation in Hs68 human dermal fibroblasts
Frontiers in Pharmacology

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