Crayola Issues Warning Against Making DIY Lipsticks and Eyeliners with Its Products

Here’s the FDA’s list of approved pigments for cosmetic use. They’re further limited by area of application, such as the eyes and lips.

Unlike cosmetics and personal care products, art supplies aren’t required to list their composition. Crayola crayons are made with paraffin wax, however we as consumers aren’t privy to which pigments are used to colour their products.

Here’s a discussion

of what industry trade group

Art & Creative Materials Institute’s

(ACMI) non-toxic label is and isn’t.

The [ACMI] also argues that while some institute-approved products may contain heavy metals, they are present in small enough quantities to be considered nontoxic. “If it’s not going to hurt you, then it can be labelled nontoxic,” said Laurie Doyle, associate director of the institute. “The [state health department] does have a difference of opinion on that.”

Do note that this information appears to be from the late 1980s, so their policy may have changed. Unfortunately, it has been difficult for me to find updated policies and discussion.

The latest I could find from the ACMI was them questioning whether there was enough data to label BPA as a reproductive toxicant.