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This blog isn’t the only place that you’ll find me!

I had the chance to hang out at Soko Glam’s office with Charlotte Cho. We chatted about skincare, the future of K-Beauty, and she made sure that I pour my milk in before my coffee!

As you may or may not know, I’m a regular contributor on Soko Glam‘s The Klog


Here are the direct links to my three latest articles on The Klog

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How Air Pollution Affects Our Skin

I’ve also been interviewed for the following articles

Wendy Rose Gould‘s article on Popsugar

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Tracy E. Robey‘s articles on Racked

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I’ve also been mentioned a couple of times by The Snailcast podcast by Tracy of Fanserviced, Jude of Fifty Shades of Snail, Chel of Holy Snails, and Cat of Snow White and the Asian Pear!

and finally, K-Beauty retailer OhLolly featured an interview with me! 🙂

I hope you take the time and check out some of the links, and I also hope you keep in mind that these articles may not be as in-depth as the posts on, I have been working on tailoring my writing style to appeal to different audiences – I’d appreciate your feedback!